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JJ 에듀케이션 2020년 대학 합격자들을 축하합니다!

Acceptance Letters | Class of 2024



Senior College Consultant

입시 전문 컨설턴트

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Certified Financial Aid Advisor

재정 전문 컨설턴트

​교육 컨설팅 및 로드맵


As we need a navigation to get to the destination most effectively, students need road maps to reach their dreams most efficiently and effectively. Starting with the right course selections, summer camps, volunteer awards, competitions, resumes, extracurricular to mentoring, JJ consultants guide every student for their best possible results.

College preparation consulting starts as early as in 7th grade; however, we recommend students starting the consulting in 9th grade for the best college admission results.

입시원서 컨설팅


Our goal is make your application stand out from other applicants. To make your application stand out, we do one-on-one coaching, choose right school, arrange college tour, planning extracurricular activities, provide expert admission essay guidance, select right courses, and complete and submit application in timely manner.

We also work with parents closely to support all admission processing.

We craft an admissions strategy tailored to each student.

College application process starts in June. We may not be able to take on any more students after August.

학자금/재정 컨설팅


Financial Planning for all levels of Income. Analysis of Financial Statements to plan for Financial Aid and Scholarships. Apply FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, iDOC and other required documents from schools.

Start planning from 9th grade!

Consulting Service
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